Olive was trying to get into a church when she was picked up by the Louisburg Kansas Police Department. Maybe that was one of the things that endeared her to Carolyn, a co-founder of Olive’s Hope, and a church going woman herself.

Olive didn’t look very good. She was malnourished, had “cherry eye”, skin problems, and her poor face just wasn’t quite straight. The officer that impounded her thought she was doomed for sure. No one wanted our girl and she was due to be put to sleep on a Friday. We told the vet instead to spay her and fix her eye. She went home with Carolyn that night. Carolyn ended up getting quite sick that weekend and Olive ended up in the care of Sharon, another co-founder of our group, and her eventual adoptive mom.

Soon, her personality came through. One thing that strikes you is that she seems happy just to be alive. She throws her Jolly Ball around, “points” the cows on the farm, and can’t wait to greet a visitor. There isn’t a mean bone in her body. The most dangerous thing about her is her tail that is constantly wagging.

Sharon soon couldn’t bare the thought of someone else adopting Olive, so she has given her a forever home – that is as long as Olive leaves those snakes in the field where they belong!

Olive is our group’s namesake because as desperate as her situation seemed to be, with us, there is hope for her and pets like her.