Ring Worm and your Cat

May 5, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

Ringworm is a typical skin disease that affects many cats. This medical condition is actually not caused by worms at all, but rather by a fungus. The sores on the skin due to ringworm fungi […]


Does Your Dog Smell?

April 28, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

Most dogs have that “dog smell” to them, especially when the come in out of the rain. However, some dogs tend to stink more than others. This can be due to variety of reasons, some […]

Cat Petting

Biting the Hand That Pets You

April 7, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

Most cats will simply walk away when they have had enough attention from you. Others, however, will nip at your hand. Why do they do this? You aren’t hurting him, just stroking, so it can […]

Indoor Cat

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

March 17, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

We all know that a cat that spends most of his time indoors is healthier. Studies show that indoor cats live nearly twice as long as outdoor cats. The risk of accidents and disease are […]

Dog Jumping
Dog Training

Keeping Your Dog From Jumping

March 10, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

Dogs want to see and interact with people face to face. This leads to many dogs jumping in order to have that face-to-face contact. When your dog is small, this may not be a problem, […]


Comical And Sweet: The Pomeranian

March 3, 2017 J.H. Atkisson 0

The Pomeranian is a favorite among the toy groups. Its endearing fox-like face and comically poofy coat are almost irresistible. However, the Pomeranian is not for the traditional quiet, clinging lap dog. The most independent […]